Hand Forge Folded Steel

An effective yet difficult way to combine the hard and soft qualities of steel to create a resilient blade was to forge and hand folded steel, also known as watermark Damascus steel.

When creating this work of art the craftsman must use all of his skill and truly feel the steel to bring out its inner beauty and strength. Constructing such a blade would begin by putting different grades of steel (different degree of hardness) and forging and folding them together many times. This process is carried out until there are up to hundreds of layers, creating a beautiful grain like patterns in the steel. By folding the steel in different ways, a sword making master can actually control the patterns in the steel to create different appearances.

The reason for using the fold forging method was to transform iron into high quality steel, removing the impurities and amalgamating the soft and hard characteristics of the steel. This creates a strong yet flexible blade that can withstand duress.

After being forged folded by hand, the new blade is arduously hand-polished and sharpened simultaneously with different grades of stones to bring out the beautiful patterns caused by the folding of different layers of steels.

At Enlightenment Swords, the blade itself is forged in the traditional way and not created using acid or any other type of modern etching to give it a fake appearance.

Enlightenment Swords are proud to be able to offer the modern martial artist a traditionally made blade or unsurpassed beauty and strength, live and practical yet beautiful with its high level of craftsmanship.