Damascus Bambo Knife (竹刀)

Proudly introducing a new line of beautifully hand made Damascus Bamboo Knives from the Enlightenment Forge. 

Each knife is composed of the construction process called “San Mei” (Waterflow insert blade construction), where three pieces of steel are forged together. First the two outside ‘skin’ layers are made by hand forging different steels together to create Damascus steel with natural and beautiful waterflow mark pattern. This is done to create a steelwhich has a degree of flexibility; bending under extreme stress rather than breaking.

To give these knives the best of cutting edges, each blade is includes a high carbon steel insert in the middle layer. The blades are then heat-treated and specially hardened to produce a long lasting and razor sharp cutting edge. 

This method of construction combines the edge holding capabilities of high carbon steel with the flexibility of a beautiful Waterflow skin, combining hard and soft to create the perfect blade, able to retain a razor sharp edge while withstanding rigorous use.

The bamboo selected for the handle must fit comfortably into the hand before being measured and cut. The bamboo is then naturally dried over a period of days before undergoing a heat treatment process of its own; steamed for hours and sometimes hardened by burning, before being bound with cord.

Because each knife has a unique bamboo shape and an individual waterflow mark, no two knives can ever be alike. These Damascus Bamboo knives are excellent for all utilities; they come with a practical bamboo scabbard or leather belt sheath, ideal for camping, crafts, hunting, etc. Their unique individuality makes them perfect as gifts and collectors items (wooden gift boxincluded).


Construction : Hand Forge Folded Steel and Insert Blade 
Wood : Bamboo
Blade Length: Varied
Total Length Varied
Availability: Please Contact us