Chinese Tiger Hookswords



Tiger hook swords are considered one of the most effective yet difficult weapons most martial art systems. 

Wielded in pairs, one could cut, slice, chop and stab like a normal sword, while using the hooked ends to catch, trap and cut their enemy's weapon or limbs. The crescent bladed hand-guard and bladed pommel also served for blocking, punching and stabbing techniques. In the old day of China, this weapon was feared by many swordsmen. 

Our tiger hook swords are made from polished hand-tempered and hardened high quality carbon steel, heat treated for optimal edge hardness and resilience. Unlike their more common flimsy wushu / spring steel counterparts, these hook-swords have been sturiduly constructed and all edges of the hook-sword are sharp. 

Wooden handles are wrapped with thick cloth for a firm, comfortable grip. 

These exotic tiger hook swords have an excellent balance for practical martial arts training or demonstration use. Difficult to construct, these genuine tiger hook swords are extremely rare, making them an excellent gift or display ornament.



Code : CWT001B
Name : Tiger Hook 
Construction : Hang Forged High Quality Carbon Steel
Weight: 1280g per
Blade Length: 68 cm 
Total Length 99 cm 
Hand Guard:  
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